about us

…… i n d i v i d u a l   a n d   h a r m o n i o u s ……

these two are the interior design principal attitudes of DESIGN OF SABA studio. Besides the original design project the studio offers its complete realization. Complementarily within certain type of projects the seasonal restyling sketch works as refreshing.

The studio also reviews the exterior situation of both private and public buildings and creates the design project of building´s exterior and surroundings. The coordination during the project´s realization included.

The design project for every single interior both private and public starts always with the personal meeting and consultation with the client. Naturally the project corresponds to the functional needs, chosen style and has its own creative concept.

On top of that the design project contains the  i n d i v i d u a l   dimension and equilibration of the space which is positively and originally related to the occupant´s personality. The objective is to feel relaxed, inspired and   f e e l   o n e s e l f   in the designed space for each particular occupant, occupants or incomers.

The DESIGN OF SABA studio accents the  h a r m o n i o u s  trait of entire space working with the respected and proved elements of Ancient China Feng Shuei system as well.

H a r m o n i o u s   s p a c e   e q u a l s   h e a l t h y   s p a c e .